Heavy Project Cargo Gantry Pad

Wellsville Termianls Gantry PadWellsville Termianls Gantry Pad Layout
  • Discharge from rail car to tanker truck or warehouse
  • Discharge from river barge to interior warehouse/silo or exterior storage
    • +55,000 square feet flat storage
    • ~2,000 tons of silo capacity connected to rail
      and barge access
    • Outside Storage — up to 10 acres
  • Load from interior/silo/exterior onto flatbed/dump/tanker truck
  • Load from interior/silo/exterior onto railcar
  • Heavy project cargo pad
  • Inventory control
  • Security - 24 hour video surveillance

Products Managed
  • Dry Granular Bulk
    • Coal
    • Coke
    • Animal Feed
    • Mulch
    • Other Non-Hazardous Minerals
  • Packaged Break Bulk
    • Super Sacks and Palletized Goods
  • Steel Products
    • Coils
    • Beams
    • Plate
Rail Siding Data:
Currently 50 rail car capacity. Heavy project cargo pad. Located on over 6 acres adjacent to the Norfolk Southern main line.